Construction Injuries

Construction Injury Attorney Defending Seattle, WA


When you work in construction, you likely take a variety of precautions to ensure your safety. Perhaps you wear a harness when working on a roof. Maybe you double-check your work area for potential problems, such as a wobbly ladder or loose debris. And of course, you wear a helmet whenever you need it.

But sometimes the negligent acts of others can thwart your best efforts.

A coworker didn’t look before backing a truck.  A new employee didn’t follow guidelines when digging a trench and it collapsed.

When these accidents happen, you should seek legal help from Otorowski Morrow and Golden, PLLC. Our construction injury attorney in Seattle, WA will help you receive compensation for your injuries.

You Deserve Compensation

Workers compensation laws will help protect you in certain circumstances. If your employer fails to follow Washington State safety guidelines, workers compensation insurance can help cover the cost of your medical bills.

However, many construction injuries happen because a fellow contractor or individual neglected his or her duties. In these instances, you need a construction injury attorney in Seattle, WA to protect your rights and present your case in court.

When you work with our team, you have immediate access to an experienced physician who can analyze your medical issues. Furthermore, our team has years of experience representing injury victims, so we know precisely what you need to ensure a favorable outcome.

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