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When you have a personal injury, you need experienced help to find restitution. The complexity of law and its many categories make it hard to navigate. Only the most qualified lawyers will understand its subtleties. When you need an expert personal injury attorney on your side, come to Otorowski Morrow and Golden, PLLC. Our lawyers have the knowledge you require to win your case.

No matter what personal injury you received, we can help. A personal injury lawyer in our firm will help you assess your injury and determine who is at fault. We will then gather the facts of the case to make a persuasive legal appeal. Trust our attorneys when you have problems from:

Take Advantage of Our Experience in Medical Malpractice

You can find an expert medical malpractice attorney when you choose Otorowski Morrow and Golden, PLLC. While our offices are in Seattle, WA, our lawyers have a combined 120 years of experience in handling hundreds of cases from around the western United States. When you need specialized representation from a medical malpractice lawyer, come to us for injuries from:

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Vitro Fertilization Embryo Destruction Law FirmEmbryo Destruction
For many people that have chosen In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in hopes of building their families, a disruption in the Cryopreservation process can be extraordinarily traumatic.  Unfortunately, improper embryo destruction can happen.


Dental Malpracticedental malpractice lawyer
Most people are familiar with medical malpractice suits. They know that if their doctors fail to meet a certain standard of care, they have several avenues to seek legal recourse and gain compensation for injuries or misdiagnoses.


medical malpractice & negligence attorneyMedical Malpractice
Medical malpractice happens, taking the lives of more people than all car accidents



Birth Injuries or accident attorneyBirth Injuries
Soon-to-be-parents look forward to their child’s birth with a sense of excitement and trepidation. Before your child’s birth you probably don’t worry as much about issues like birth injuries.



Medical Device Failure
Medical devices are wonderful inventions that save and improve countless patients’ lives. However, these devices only serve their purpose if professionals use the machine properly.



Pharmaceutical Injury
When you think of medical malpractice injuries, you probably think of injuries that occur in a hospital. A doctor neglects to deliver quality care, which leads to unnecessary pain and suffering. The doctor could also make a mistake during a procedure that permanently affects a patient’s quality of life.


Bicycle Accidents
You take care to drive safely whenever you’re behind the wheel, but you take extra precaution when you ride a bicycle. Perhaps you enjoy a pleasure ride, or maybe you rely on your bike to commute to work.



Brain & Head Injuries
While many injuries are dire and have lasting consequences, there are few as challenging, frustrating, or debilitating as brain injuries. However, more intense head injuries can cause issues like short- or long-term memory loss, permanent brain damage, cognitive damage, and extreme personality changes.


One of the most devastating injuries that anyone can experience is a third degree



Bus/Train Accidents
Whenever you become injured, you know that the recovery process will take time. If another person’s negligence causes your injuries, you likely feel frustrated at the situation, even if you only sustained minor injuries.


Services-DefectiveProductsDefective Products
It happens every day: an electric blanket malfunctions or a defective car part breaks. Damages can occur in either scenario. The blanket may cause a house fire. The broken auto part may lead to a crash. Because of these circumstances, innocent persons can be injured or killed.


Dog Bites
Many dogs are friendly and well cared for by their owners. However, when dogs choose to bite, they can cause very serious injuries. Large dogs with sharp teeth can cause major lacerations and, in some cases, life-threatening injuries in vital areas like the throat.


Maritime Accidents
The nearby Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound offer almost endless sources of recreation. Boating, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and other water sports give individuals and families unparalleled freedom and fun. And for many, offshore oil drilling and shipping provide a way of life.


Motorcycle Accidents
Owning and riding a motorcycle has long been a symbol of freedom. However, the freedom that a motorcycle provides also increases the chances of injury. In fact, nearly 80% of motorcycle accidents result in either injuries or fatalities.


Nursing Home Abuse
You and your parent searched long and hard for the best nursing home in the area that fit your needs and budget. You trusted this nursing home to ensure your parent stayed happy and healthy during his or her golden years.


Premises Liability
A day at an amusement park can be fun and exciting, and a trip to the grocery store can be pleasant and productive. But these situations can quickly turn sour when you slip and fall or are otherwise injured on another’s property.


Wrongful Death
Personal injury is never an easy experience to endure. But perhaps the most tragic case is that of a wrongful death. If your loved one has died as the result of another’s negligent or lawless behavior, you can receive just compensation for your loss.