Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer’s Services for Seattle, WA

Many of us know that we are entitled to compensation when we are injured at work, but what about when we are injured outside of work? What about car accidents, slips and falls, and other injuries that can occur and change your life? When an injury blindsides you, you need a personal injury attorney’s services.

Otorowski Morrow and Golden, PLLC, in Seattle, WA, can work with you to build a solid case. Rely on our help to win the compensation you deserve for your injuries, both physical and emotional. We have a combined experience of over 120 years and a unique insight into medicine that helps us understand your situation and fight for reparations.

What Is a Personal Injury?

You might have a personal injury case if you suffered an accident or injury that was caused by another individual. When you file a claim, you can seek reparations from another individual, business, agency, or corporation.

Personal injuries are often physical. They can make it difficult for you to work, travel, or even live your life. The accident or injury can also cause emotional and financial damages, which you can seek compensation for in a claim.

If you’re not sure if you have a personal injury case, you should know that one of a personal injury lawyer’s services is reviewing your information to determine the validity of your claim.

How Can Otorowski Morrow and Golden, PLLC, Help?

At Otorowski Morrow and Golden, PLLC, we have prided ourselves on defending injured people for over 30 years. In that time, we have developed a unique way of helping our clients. We employ a highly experienced physician and an attorney with nursing experience. With professional care and attention, we can properly analyze your personal injury and how it relates to your case.

If your personal injury makes it difficult to travel, we will come to you, whether you are at your home or in the hospital.

Seek a personal injury lawyer’s services in Seattle, WA, today and get the compensation you deserve. Contact Otorowski Morrow and Golden, PLLC, at (206) 842-1000 or message us online.