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Distracted drivers are everywhere. They text behind the wheel. They do their makeup in the rear-view mirror. They pay more attention to their GPS than to the road.

And every time they drive, they put you and your family at risk.

If you were involved in an accident because of the negligence or poor driving behaviors of another driver, call Otorowski Morrow and Golden, PLLC. Our truck collision lawyer in Seattle, WA will help you build an airtight case.

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Automobile accidents can have a significant impact on your life. In addition to repairing your vehicle, you need enough money to pay medical bills. Our team wants to help you receive compensation to cover these costs.

When you call our highly experienced team, you can rely on us to represent you in court. We’ll assess each and every detail about the accident to ensure your case meets a favorable resolution. If needed, we’ll use sophisticated accident reconstruction methods to determine what truly happened during your accident. And we have a highly experienced physician on staff to analyze your injuries.

From there, we’ll discuss a variety of options and approaches for handling your case so you can receive the best possible outcome.

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We’ve helped countless accident victims receive compensation for their injuries, and we want to help you, too. If you are bedridden or hospitalized due to your injury, or if you prefer to remain at home, we’ll come to you to review your case.

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Need a car collision attorney outside Seattle, WA? We also handle cases in Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, California, and Colorado. Don’t let distance stop you from receiving the legal assistance you need.