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What Expert Witnesses Contribute to Medical Malpractice Cases

Nearly every medical malpractice lawsuit that goes to trial hinges on testimony from expert witnesses. Lawyers call in these expert witnesses because they understand the complex medical knowledge surrounding the…
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Your Financial, Emotional, and Physical Recovery After a Debilitating Injury

Whether you suffered medical malpractice or another driver crashed into your car, the experience has completely changed your life. On the one hand, you feel lucky to have survived the…
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Do You Have a Defective Product Case?

You recently used a product, but something went wrong. You became injured as a result. Now you have to deal with medical bills and missed time from work. Your emotional…
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The 411 on Medical Device Failure

When you go to a hospital and a doctor prescribes treatment, you trust that your doctor has made the best possible medical decision on your behalf. After all, doctors have…
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