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3 Dos and Don’ts When Greeting a New Dog

When you love dogs, every pup or pooch that comes your way deserves your soulful admiration and complete attention, no matter if you've known the dog for years or if…
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Exposing 3 Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Myths

Until you personally know a victim of medical malpractice, this type of personal injury seems rare and unlikely to affect you. Unfortunately, medical malpractice is more common than many people…
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Springtime Safety Hazards

As winter slowly fades into spring, you realize how fortunate the past season has been. Luckily, you managed to drive safely through the snow and ice and didn't get into…
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6 People to Call After Your Car Accident

As a responsible driver, you take extra precautions whenever you sit behind the wheel. You put away your phone so you don't have distractions. You always signal before turning or…
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