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Compensation in Defective Medical Device Cases

Fortunately, you can initiate a personal injury lawsuit if you were injured because of a defective medical device. If successful, you’ll receive compensation for your losses. Compensation includes payment for…
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Common Birth Injuries and Can You Sue?

About seven out of 1,000 babies in the U.S. are born with birth injuries. This figure is alarming, but some solace lies in the fact that parents can seek compensation…
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Filing a Complaint with the Washington Medical Commission

It’s sometimes difficult to prove that a healthcare provider committed some act of medical malpractice. You or your personal injury attorney has to gather evidence supporting a malpractice claim, and…
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Common Medical Errors in Malpractice Cases

“Medical malpractice” occurs when a medical provider delivers care that falls below the acceptable standard of care that other providers would have given under similar circumstances. While healthcare providers can…
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