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9 Steps to Take After a Dog Attack

Most dogs are loving, attention-seeking creatures and are often excellent companions to people from all walks of life. But not every canine is consistently friendly. Sometimes, dogs will attack unprovoked,…
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Outdoor Adventure Opportunities Bring Risks, but Wrongful Injuries Deserve Compensation

Outdoor opportunities for recreation and adventure are abundant across the country’s rugged, primitive settings. While the odds of having fun are in your favor, opportunities to suffer serious injury due…
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6 Winter Driving and Car Safety Tips for Pacific Northwesterners

  Seattle's mountain panorama is snow-capped and stunning, especially when winter arrives. But this enhancement in natural beauty comes with some potential dangers: weather-related automobile accidents. About 22% of collisions…
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The 7 Most Common Causes of Wintertime Injuries (And How to Protect Yourself)

As the temperature drops, you may anticipate winter sports, favorite family holidays, and beautiful snowfall. However, the winter season brings with it a higher amount of accidents and injuries related…
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