Appellate Decisions

The attorneys at Otorowski Johnston Morrow & Golden, PLLC have handled numerous cases through the appellate courts both in the State of Washington and in the Federal Courts. All of these cases involve furthering the rights of injured persons in the State of Washington and many represent significant precedent for the laws of our State. For example our attorneys handled cases in the Supreme Court that overturned the validity of parental waivers for children, thereby protecting their rights to pursue injury claims when injured by others. Another example is a case that held, for the first time, that attorneys were subject to the Consumer Protection Act. Many of the reported decisions revolve around the rights of victims of medical negligence that have expanded the ability of injured people to obtain justice.

Reported Cases:

Short v. Demopolis, Supreme Court decision that applied the Consumer Protection Act to attorneys.

Scott v. Pac West, Supreme Court decision that ruled waivers for minor children are void as a matter of public policy.

Pedroza v. Bryant, recognized the doctrine of hospital “corporate negligence”.

Morgan v. Johnson, held that comparative fault may not reduce damages from an intentional injury.

Seybold v. Neu, Court established the criteria for expert testimony in medical malpractice cases.